Bullet journal beginnings

2021 will be my fifth year bullet journaling and a lot has changed since I started. Bullet journaling at first was a way to get all my assignments and appointments down in one place because I was in Grad School. Then I tried incorporating habit and mood trackers and other various “self help” spreads that […]

Let’s talk about shapewear

Everyone has seen it and most everyone has used it.  I remember wearing shapewear when I thought I was fat (we’ve all been there) for my high school graduation when I was about 40 pounds lighter and nice and trim from playing sports! I always compared myself to other girls I went to school with […]

This is Halloween!

Halloween, just the like every other day, will look a bit different for us all this year. I am choosing not to attend any large gatherings this year so I don’t really feel inspired to come up with any new costume ideas. SO… I’ve decided that I will recreate my past Halloween looks! I’m finally […]

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I think this is a great blog. I know many people who think and feel similar thoughts. You’re giving them a place to rest their woes and know they’re not alone. Thank you for being bold, brave and beautifully you!

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